Producer Southside Reveals Working on Future, Jay Z & DJ Khaled Collaboration

Producer Southside is known to have made some huge hits with major artists such as Waka Flocka, Kanye West and many more.

During a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, he revealed that a new Future, Jay Z and DJ Khaled collaboration is on the way, along with touching on working with Kanye West for The Life of Pablo.

Check out some exerts from the interview:

On rapping before producing:

“I started with a song with Waka [Flocka Flame] back in the day called “Lamborghini” and actually had sold 40,000 copies when I was young, like 19 but I just stopped rapping. I told Waka let me make the beats. You rap. I make the beats.”

On working with Kanye West for The Life of Pablo

“I literally re-made every beat on the f–king album … That’s why he a genius. He’ll take stuff out of all of ’em and make some master plan s–t.”

“I showed him I could make a beat in 10 minutes so when he seen that, he like, ‘Aw s–t, give him 10 more songs!'”

On working with Kanye for Watch The Throne

“I was on Watch The Throne 1 with him and Jay Z. I made “Illest Motherf–ker Alive” [with] Mike Dean and he had invited us to a show when they had the Watch The Throne 1 tour. He was talking to me one day and I don’t know if he remember this, but he was like, ‘Man, you, Lex [Luger], Mike Will [Made It], y’all the future of music. He always said that.”

On an unreleased Future collaboration

“I got the new single with Future and Jay Z with [DJ] Khaled. That s–t’s crazy … I made it with Jake One and a dude named G-Koop.”

On working with Metro Boomin’

“I knew Metro since he was 14. He been callin’ me since he was in middle school … It’s like a blessing for me to still be even doing this s–t. I been in this s–t for 6, 7 years. I’m like a old n—a on the low.”

On producer Lil’ Lody allegedly jocking his beats

“I made “Wild Boy.” That was “848” for Jim Jones — that was the same beat. So Metro called me, at the time it was a producer named Lody for Jeezy. He was remaking my beats and selling ’em to n—-s back then. S–t was crazy … I called Deb. We fucked around, sued them and took it so that’s my record, too.”


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