KCO – WEEK LATER ft. Hollywood, Blizz Hooks & Seneca Cayson

“Many are called but, the chosen are few”… and in the chosen few you will Rapper KCO also known as MrALLNYTA.  Hurling like a tornado, this St. Louis, MO native artist is creating more than a “buzz” up & down the mid-west and southern regions.  Born and raised in St. Louis, KCO is from the trenches, he is a passionate artist that is street savvy, determined with tons of work ethic and street authenticity….these are just a few words to describe this American Rap/Hip-
Hop artist. St. Louis has created some notable stars in the entertainment business such as J.R, Jibbs, Kwon, Chingy, Nelly and the St. Lunatics.  However, KCO’s style maps more to the popular trap music culture.  Within his music, you can hear elements or themes of passion, struggle, triumph and authenticity.  As an artist he is sharp, humble and has solid work ethic. His authenticity is amazing, his drive is impeccable and he is determined to continue to pave the way for inspired St. Louis artist.  KCO stays connected to his craft, learning the business, and developing his craft through collaborations and performances to share his enthusiasm this gift and growth his artistry.

With KCO’s music categorized as trap music, direct, relatable, gritty and real, people know that it’s more than entertainment for him – It’s a lifestyle.  His upbringing has given him visibility to the streets, the hoods and less desirable attributes of his community.  His music represents several journey’s of his everyday life and people around him – the survival.  Motivated by several of the local St Louis favorites before him, he has a unique story and voice.  A story that seems to spans to hundreds of inner city communities where he tells stories about LIF, the KCO is not new to the local music game, he has just refined his focus as an independent artist under the direction of his team at St Louis’s vibrantly growing indie label, Tracc House Entertainment/Publishing also known as THE Movement.

He has seen some success from earlier collaborations like his contribution with the Block Boyz and their hit singles “Dolla afta Dolla”, “We Getting Money” and “Where da Money at”, which increased the buzz for the group as well as for KCO personally. With that, over his career he has had the opportunity to work with esteemed artist such as Yo Gotti, MJG & Eightball, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Boosie, Webbie, just to name a few!

In more recent ventures he released the well-received single A Week Later (featuring. Neal Flott, Seneca Cayson & James Gentry.)  The record was an introduction to put that spark back in his name and brand as he reintroduces himself as a stronger independent artist and entertainer.   More industry seasoned and business savvy, KCO is working on his upcoming Mixtape “I Aint Sh#t” and few HOT Single releases!  KCO and his team are also putting the final touches on a highly anticipated documentary and he is interested in film opportunities as well.







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