Bobby Shmurda’s Trial Pushed To September

Bobby Shmurda’s trial has officially been pushed back once more. He will have now to spend at the least four more months in jail because as of this past Monday (May 9), the rapper’s trail was pushed back to September.

The “Hot N—a” rapper’s trial on conspiracy, gun and drug charges had been scheduled to commence on Thursday, but according to XXL the trial commencement date has been pushed to Sept. 12.

This is the fourth postponement of Shmurda’s trial. It was initially scheduled for Feb. 22, then delayed until May 11 and then moved to May 12.

In December 2014, Shmurda and seven others were arrested following a long-term NYPD investigation. The men arrested were originally split into two trials.

The date change came at Shmurda’s attorney’s request, Alex Spiro, as well as those of the trial’s three other defendants.


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