Jay Z & Beyonce To Possibly Do A Joint Album,Talks Rumored ‘Lemonade’ Response

Before Lemonade, Beyonce and Jay Z attempted to put out a joint album, and the power couple still might make it happen in the near future.

Talk of a joint album began during the On the Run stadium tour in summer 2014. According to a source, Jay Z and Beyonce had “nearly finished” a record together but never quite did.

“The label wouldn’t agree to the joint album,” says an insider of Beyonce’s longtime home at Columbia Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music. But a Sony source counters that claim, insisting that the company is “open to” partnering with the husband-and-wife team for such a project.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Jay Z is working on his own response to Lemonade, which, in its lyrics, references infidelity and a troubled marriage in no uncertain terms. According to Us Weekly, the album would be “telling his side of things.” No word on who he’s been working with just yet, but longtime collaborator Just Blaze — who worked on nearly every album to come from Jay’s Roc-A-Fella Records from 2000 onward, and recently co-produced Beyonce’s “Freedom” — hinted at more work with Jay moving forward. “Nothing I can speak about right now,” he told Billboard last week, though he noted to Spin he has “at least two albums’ worth of Jay Z material” sitting in his vault. “But stay tuned.”

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