Kanye West Sued by Hungarian Musician Over ‘New Slaves’ Sample

Kanye West is being sued in New York City by a Hungarian musician who says West sampled his song without permission.

Gabor Presser says West’s 2013 album Yeezus contains a song called “New Slaves” that sampled a song Presser wrote in 1969.

Presser’s lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court. It says one-third of “New Slaves” includes a song Presser wrote when he was with the band Omega. He’s seeking $2.5 million.

The lawsuit says West’s lawyers acknowledged the sampling happened when they sent Presser a $10,000 check for the work. But Presser says he never cashed the check over concerns about the agreement.

The lawsuit says the song “Gyongyhaju Lany” is one of Hungary’s most beloved pop songs. A West spokeswoman hasn’t responded to an email seeking comment.

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