Josh Levine – California Featuring Mystique


Born in the small town of Tulare, CA, 180 miles from the big city, Josh was the youngest of 4. His father, a teacher and mother an active member of the community and church, which is how his foundation was formed; With family support and young determination it is no surprise he found the structure to his passion at the age of 9 when he first began his journey towards music and film.

Moving to Los Angeles 2009, Josh starts working as a creative host to athletes in the sports arena. Creating recognition for himself, along with his artistic talents; Time Warner Media brings him on, to direct a number of projects, thus projecting a documentary, to be released later this year. Meanwhile, Josh meets other local talents, launching the birth of The Faculty, with Jerrett Johnson, in 2013.

Together Josh Levine and Jerrett Johnson, as The Faculty, will be releasing a few singles before their full album release which are California, Game Over, Light, Alright, Large, Walk the Line ,Happy in the Clouds, Sunday After-noon; all to come out later this year. The album is set to release in September, with an up coming event for Tastemakers in mid October; with the production of New Movement, Cinema Beat, Summer Ronda and Mystique.  Tastemakers Festival is said to be, an event organizer of celebration for the rapidly growing creative community in the Visalia area, to further the brand of the Valley, as the newest musical and cultural hub in California.

Creating Music, Together.
Producer Aaron Wall explains it, “Josh, Mystique and myself all grew along with the development of the song. One demo sparked an idea, another vocal track inspired intensity, and thus the vibe of ‘California’ was born. That cycle continued and pulled the best performances out of each artist involved. Mystique has such a great vocal presence, which adds depth to this song. Josh does a fantastic job of painting a picture of the California dream pulling from his own history and touching on the hustle of living in LA. We wanted the music to match Josh’s lyrical content with more complex production using string arrangements and various instrumental layers blended together. We were really aiming to support his vision of a fun summertime track with the vibe that evokes the coast, palm trees, blue skies, and California sunsets.”

Go grab the single here.


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