Vic Mensa Releases ‘There’s Alot Going On’ Music Video

Vic Mensa has a story to tell in the music video for his latest offering “There’s Alot Going On.”

The title track off his recently released EP rewinds through the past two-and-a-half years of his life. From the Flint, Michigan water crisis to signing to Roc Nation with Jay Z as well as his personal relationship struggles, the Chicago MC plays narrator in front of a blank backdrop as images of people from his memories come forward.

Mensa shed light on the single during an interview with Billboard, explaining his mental state and how he coped with keeping the negative thoughts in his mind from consuming him. “I think that it’s a chemical thing. It’s anxiety that led to a depression that I’ve been dealing with since I was 16, 17. That was the first time I was ever prescribed medication for either of those disorders I guess you would call it,” he said. “I kind of talk about it a lot in the outro song, “There’s Alot Going On,” just the way people would view my position or see things I’m doing and people I’m with [who are like], “You’re on top of the world. What would you ever have to worry about?” It’s kind of like a gift and a curse that I’m hardly ever satisfied with anything because I just believe in myself so f–king much that I’m always thinking I should be there or trying to get there even if I’m somewhere where the grass is green.”

Kanye West, who teamed with Mensa on his 2015 single “U Mad,” also shared the video on his Twitter, praising the Jake Osmun and Mensa-directed clip. “I love this video. Very creative,” tweeted ‘Ye.

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