Doc Will – Capes


Doc Will is starting to become a regular name in the Atlanta underground hip hop scene. After receiving special attention from Georgia State for his work outside of the studio. Doc Will is back with another self-produced anthem. We first became aware of Doc Will after hearing his “Don’t Make Me” single. It’s not really clear who he is affiliated with in the Atlanta scene besides his own “Unpopulars” brand. With Capes, Doc Will brings a newer, fun-sounding, vibrant track with plenty of bounce to it.


In “Capes”, Doc Will explains to everybody why he can’t save hoes. Besides the fact that he doesn’t have a cape on, Doc stresses all the things he can’t stand with the women around him,”I hate when you tell me you wish it were different. I looked at my watch and it’s 10 after time to get out of your feelings. My city a stage and these hoes do it all just to be at the center. Do what you’re doing on Tinder, get drunk and try not to remember.” We’ll let time be the judge, but this track seems to have the most potential of Doc Will tracks we’ve heard thus far. Take a listen (or a few) below.


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