Prynce Tone – Games We Play Ft. Andrea Couture

PRYNCE TONE is currently promoting his brand new single, Games We Play (feat. Andrea Couture) – out through CLEVELAND UNLIMITED RECORDS (C-Town Records), published by OMEGA CENTURY MUSIC (BMI) and now available on iTunes, the track was Produced by Prynce Tone /Royaltysinc, while the music was Produced by Kevin Touw/ Scarecrow Beats. Mixing & Mastering was taken care of by Engineer: Michał Sałek / DDStudio.

prynce-tone-350PRYNCE TONE was born in Chicago Heights Illinois. When he was a child he was not sure what of where he wanted to be because looking at his neighborhood he never thought he would live past 16. From a young age he got into a lot of trouble with burglaries and gun play. Selling drugs came later on in life as well as did gang banging. As a child he believed pretty much everything his older peers said so whatever he was instructed to do he handled and didn’t question.

PRYNCE TONE dropped out of high school and joined the local street organization and life began to take a big plight from there. After sitting and talking to his grandmother one night he decided to do something different.  He says he remembers standing on the block all day trying to raise money for a microphone.

He ended up hooking up with a local label and recorded his first hot feature “Grown and Sexy”. During this season he got into life threatening trouble and his mother decided to leave the city to give them a better chance at life. PRYNCE TONE didn’t immediately leave. He stayed for a year longer and ended up getting into even more trouble. Eventually he got so tied into trouble that he forgot about the music.

prynce-tone-350bIt was his grandmother who motivated him to pick the music up and make this vision come true. PRYNCE TONE moved to Atlanta and started pushing the music even heavier. He came so close to picking up a major music production deal but turned it down because the team he was with then wasn’t who was needed to get the job done.

He decided to take a moment to review the progress and issues in life that he was dealing with. Before his grandmother passed, she told him to do what he was born to do. After the birth of his son Mykhai, he began studying more about himself.


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