Michael Marshall – Piano @michaelftmg


Independent musician, Michael Marshall represents a new generation of music makers who artistically push boundaries while challenging society’s status quo of what constitutes the making of innovative music today. Marshall’s unique approach to music shows his purpose built song structure, versatility, esoteric style, and unprecedented diversity; inciting more times than not the interest good or bad of critics and fans drawn to his art. Hip Hop, once viewed as poetry for the disenfranchised, to some has lost its way with auto-tunes and uptempo beats that take away from the intended message of the artist.


Marshall’s mission is clear – bring the politically fueled focus to the world of hip-hop. His own lyrical sound melds East Coast and Dirty South influences with a hint of club music. The complexity achieved using his unique vocal ability, melodies, intricate metaphors, and unique rhyme schemes to describe a variety of revolutionary subject matter position Marshall to become the voice of individuality and freedom for today’s society of unconventional thinkers. In addition to creating superb thought-provoking music, Marshall recently established the FREETHINKERZmovement, a creative initiative built to guide individuals to social equality. FreeThinker stands for breaking free from being a misfit, outcast, and slave to society’s guidelines. FreeThinker is all about living how you want and standing for what you believe in. The same commonalities that Marshall expresses through his music connects him with the average person through telling his life story along with his sensational ability to profess unknown truths discovered through his studies of the world.

Michael has plans on building his visual presence online along with his team and network around the Michael Marshall brand moving forward. Focusing on innovative brand awareness after receiving consistent DJ Drop opportunities internationally, numerous radio interviews, blog post, and radio play on college/online radio circuits Marshall’s social following has expanded dramatically since 2012.



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