Birdman Has Reportedly Called Off Negotiations With Lil Wayne

Somethings things are better left unsaid. In this case, Lil Wayne would have fared better if he didn’t diss head honcho Birdman as he was one negotiation away from settling and being done.

According to TMZ, lawyers for the two camps were close to reaching an agreement, until Birdman caught wind of Weezy’s show at Camp Flog Gnaw, when Wayne shouted out Roc-A-Fella instead of Cash Money during his performance of “I’m Me.” Many interpreted this lyrical replacement to mean that Wayne could be signing a deal with Roc Nation. Birdman and Jay Z already have a history of a feud.

In response to the disrespect, Birdman has reportedly called off negotiations with Wayne. At this rate, Wayne may never see the end of this court battle and may not see a dime.



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