Lil Yachty Responds to New Shia LaBeouf Diss Track

Shia LaBeouf released another freestyle rap dissing Drake and Lil Yachty on Friday (Dec. 2), but Yachty’s not taking it seriously.

“It was a joke to me,” he told TMZ. “It’s all a joke. I feel like he’s way too serious. Have fun.”

LaBeouf first dissed Drake and Lil Yachty on “Sway in the Morning” last month and then visited “The Breakfast Club” to double down, as well as take aim at Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg.

“You’re a waste, man,” he rapped. “Faker than Drake’s Jamaican accent/ Old as fuck, dog, you’re past tense/ The show don’t miss you when you’re absent/ You’re lackin’/ To Sway and Charlamagne, you’re a fraction.”

He followed up targeting Yachty: “This whole thing’s a bit absurd/ But on my word, this Boat about to get this work/ You spit that dirt I’m Kurt Cobain, squirt/ Extra extrovert/ You better protect your shirt, you bird.”

He went on, calling out Yachty by his given name, saying he’s “heard enough of Miles Park McCollum.”

He continued, “This a murder, this is tragedy, man/ He’s like Lil’ Romeo meets Raggedy Anne/ Sorry kids, I got hard with this … Yachty don’t know Notorious/ Story is, he’s sort of shit.”

It’s pretty hard to tell what’s going on with  LaBeouf these days, but Yachty clearly isn’t concerned. Aside from saying he should “stick to acting,” when it was suggested Yachty should get into acting and show LaBeouf how’s that done, he suggested with a smile, “I might just have to do that.” Considering Yachty recently told Ebro on Beats 1 he was planning on launching an acting career, that might just pan out.


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