Wale Releases ‘Folarin Like’

Last week, Wale released “Groundhog Day,” after speculation suggested that he was the target on J.Cole’s “False Prophets” record. The MC released more heat on Tuesday (Dec. 6).

Wale samples the classic beat for Nas’ 1999 single “Nas Is Like,” and dishes out words for the haters. “When they simmer down we start burnin’ ’em, it’s embarrassing/ There’s literally no comparison/ That’s like comparing Yogi Berra and Yogi Ferrell/ I’m the coldest poet, they never show it/ I show up like the f–kin’ bear from Revenant/ Barely n—as is Yogi Bear in here,” he feverishly raps.

The MMG rapper is still prepping his forthcoming studio effort S.H.I.N.E. Though he proved there was no animosity between him and J.Cole after he posted a clip of the two sitting together watching a college basketball game the day after “Groundhog Day” dropped, Folarin is rapping with a vengeance on his newest freestyle.


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