Lupe Fiasco Says He’s ‘Officially Not Releasing Music Anymore,’ Cancels Album Releases

After Lupe Fiasco released “N.E.R.D.,” using the beat for J. Cole’s “Everybody Dies,” on Monday (Dec. 12), his hot takes on the music industry were apparently perceived as “hate speech,” causing SoundCloud to remove the freestyle. The Chicago rapper went on Twitter and said he would stop releasing music.

“Sooooo @SoundCloud took the NERD freestyle down because of “Hate Speech”??? I’m done,” he tweeted. “Getting beat up for telling the truth is not how I plan on spending the rest of life. I get the hint God. Yo Lupe fans it’s been fun and I hope you’ve had fun. I’m officially not releasing anymore music. Albums cancelled.”

Earlier this year, he said that he would release three albums, Drogas, Skulls, and Roy by the end of 2016, with Roy as his last album.

He has released a couple of tracks such as  “Made in the U.S.A.” and “Killers”.


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