Cash Money Sued Over Missing Drake Profits

Cash Money was known as the most iconic record labels in music history, but as of late it seems things are going left and hit a rough patch. The arising demise of the label seems to stem around the complexity of the artists finances. In recent news, Cash Money is hit with a lawsuit that alleges the label run by Bryan “Birdman” Williams has been keeping royalties from Drake’s music.

Drake’s label history is very complex than many know. The Toronto native was initially signed by Jas Prince to Aspire Music Group a decade ago, then signing with Lil Wayne and Cash Money/Young Money, which is distributed by Republic Records/Universal Music Group. With all the label signing, his OVO label, isn’t effected by this as it is signed with Warner Bros. Records.

That first Aspire deal is the subject of this current lawsuit, which alleges Aspire is owed one-third of Cash Money’s profits from Drake’s music, and that the label has been “hoarding” the money and refusing to open its books. The amount of money in question is unknown. Drake’s 2016 year was quite huge as he had the top-selling album of 2016, and the top song of the year.

The lawsuit is the latest among a slew of legal issues for Cash Money, which is currently dealing with several lawsuits.


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